World Rat Day

Selection of personal work done every year on April 4.

2021: On this side of the pandemic, I discovered that pink dandelions are a thing. Naturally, it had to be drawn — with a rat.

2020: At the start of the COVID-19 lockdown, I’m taking inspiration from the Animal Crossing game that everyone went bonkers for.

Word Rat Day 2020

2018: WRD comes at the height of cherry blossom season, so even though I’d already done this theme before, I had to do it another way. Somewhere, over the Pacific, this little idea came to me and practically drew itself.

2017: People of HERORats work with trained Gambian pouched rats to sniff out land mines around the word and to screen for TB through scent. (I got some digital drawing tools and wanted a challenge.)

2016: Went to Japan and did all the tourist things, came back to adopt two pet rats, and then drew this. This was the year I really started to draw digitally.

World Rat Day 2016
World Rat Day 2016 pattern

2015: Inspired by a video game called Journey. Going backwards from this point, I was still only thinking of visuals and portrayals of things in a very defined, specific way, a.k.a. being stuck in vector hell.

World Rat Day 2015 Rat Mama

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