To Carb or Not to Carb

/Author: danacapybara
Editorial illustration for an article in Your Health by Gundry about carbohydrates. With a headline...

10,000 Steps

/Author: danacapybara
  Editorial illustration for an article in Your Health by Gundry about logging 10,000 steps...
GoodRx illustration: Direction C


/Author: danacapybara
The client makes an app that gives discounts and coupons to customers for prescriptions...
Plant Plus Animal: Macaque + Squash Fabric

Plant Plus Animal

/Author: danacapybara
Daily drawing project in sets of three — draw an animal, then a plant,...
Origin Story: Rat Zine

Origin Story

/Author: danacapybara
  Origin Story is a companion mini-zine to Issue #4 of Brux & Boggle. It...
Brux & Boggle: Muffy and Scout run side by side

Brux & Boggle #4

/Author: danacapybara
  Brux & Boggle is my zine about pet rats and rat culture. Each issue...