Audience Personas

An automotive intensely surveyed millennial drivers and developed six segments from their findings. To bring the segment data to life, I illustrated each personality based on the segment’s behaviors and patterns.


Audience Personas illustration - Pragmatic Investors

Pragmatic Investors are committed to long-term quality and lasting value.

Audience Personas illustration - Romantic Collectors

For Romantic Collectors, luxury is high touch and steeped in craftsmanship, with roots in history.

Audience Personas illustration - Visionary Achievers

Visionary Achievers boldly have one eye towards the future and the other towards creating.

Audience Personas illustration - Cosmopolitan Altruists

Globally minded Cosmopolitan Altruists seek out luxury to unplug and recharge.

Audience Personas illustration - Conscientious Connoisseurs

Driven by passion and spontaneity, Conscientious Connoisseurs go with their gut and follow their heart.

Audience Personas illustration - Affluent Aficionados

Entrepreneurial Affluent Aficionados seek recognition in achieving their goals.

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