To Carb or Not to Carb

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Editorial illustration for an article in Your Health by Gundry about carbohydrates. With a headline such as this, it was obvious what I needed to illustrate. Final illustration I hated this version...

10,000 Steps

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  Editorial illustration for an article in Your Health by Gundry about logging 10,000 steps in a day. I created a look that was a bit dreamy and soft since...
Kiki Komori Collectible Candy Plush

Kiki Komori

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Kiki Komori is a collection of plush toys I designed and produced to celebrate bats, candy packaging, and shiny fabric. In Japanese, kiki (きーきー) is an onomatopoeia for high-pitched, shrill...
GoodRx illustration: Direction C


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The client makes an app that gives discounts and coupons to customers for prescriptions and OTC drugs. Their branding is cut and dry, so they needed a visual solution...

Liquid Animals

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The client: Liquid Animals is a start-up tech company under which three O&Os exist. As part of the brand, the subsidiaries all have animal-themed names. Despite the B2B nature...
Year of the Dog: Tobi the Shih-tzu

Year of the Dog

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Context: Every Lunar New Year, I create a piece of art based on the year’s zodiac animal (see Year of the Rooster, Monkey, Goat, and Horse). Year of the Dog:...